My first ever finished game also my first ever GameJam I participated. Also I have zero experience in gamedevelopment, so I love some feedback to improve. 

Discord: Just_Bram#9218


There are 3 communities in the world: the healthies, speedies and buffies. They don't like eachother so you have to keep them apart or they will make a mess!


  • Dragging: mouse button
  • Keep the numbers of population in every color balanced, don't let one be very low.
  • You can destroy higher colors by there weaknes color.
  • There are 3 powerups, you have to find out yourself what they do (or look at the settings).


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I rarely play old school type Arcade games like Pacman etc. but this was just way too fun to play that i had to give you credit for your hard work. I'd Love to see more! <3

Oohn, I'm so glad you liked it! I definitly gonna try to improve and make more! 100 time thanks for your feedback!

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Interesting mechanic. I would recommend using 4 colors that are more similar but apart from that great first game!

Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to create somthing about the 3 primary colors.

Ah ok, fair enough